Kunjani Solutions Leverages VirtualWisdom

Powerful Infrastructure Performance Management Solutions Now Available via Kunjani Solutions

London, UK / Edenvale, South Africa, 9th April, 2015 –Virtual Instruments, the leader in Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) for physical, virtual and cloud computing environments, today announced a partnership with

Kunjani Solutions(PTY) Ltd, the trusted IT solutions provider, to deliver best-in-class performance management and monitoring solutions and insights to the IT sector. Under the agreement, Kunjani Solutions will serve as one of Virtual Instruments’ primary IT aggregators, making the company’s industry-leading VirtualWisdom4 IPM (Infrastructure Performance Management) platform available to all IT sectors via Kunjani Solutions.

Businesses must ensure that services, data and applications are readily available and performing optimally for end users at all times. Unplanned outages and performance degradations are not an option—and having the ability to guarantee performance and availability is critical— particularly given the mandates requiring greater use of virtualized and cloud infrastructures. To be successful, businesses must have highly accurate, real-time situational awareness and visibility into the performance of their most demanding and critical application workloads. Virtual Instruments’ technology and services accomplish this by helping these businesses to ensure the highest level of IT infrastructure and application performance at the optimal cost and with the lowest risk.

“Deriving the most value from infrastructure investments without sacrificing performance is top-of-mind for every business. With the addition of VirtualWisdom4 to our offerings, we can now ensure that our customers have a solution for accurately monitoring and managing real-time infrastructure performance, health and utilization across the open-systems stack, enabling them to drive greater utilization and performance against their existing assets, extend the longevity of their investments and allow for future consumption in a cost-effective manner,” said Peter Willemse, Solutions Business Director, Kunjani. “We look forward to working with the Virtual Instruments team to drive demand for the company’s solutions across the market.”

Virtual Instruments’ solutions enable enterprises and government agencies to maintain continuous availability and consistent performance for their IT application infrastructures. The company’s flagship product, VirtualWisdom4, is the only IPM solution that non-intrusively delivers a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of how virtualized, heterogeneous infrastructures are performing—and delivers definitive insights into how and where improvements can be made.

“This partnership means more organisations will have access to invaluable infrastructure performance insights, allowing them them to guarantee delivery of their business objectives in the face of transformational challenges such as virtualisation, cloud migration and consolidation, at the lowest cost,” said Tony Hanson, Regional Sales Director, Virtual Instruments.

Virtual Instruments’ software, hardware and services are available immediately via Kunjani Solutions.  For more information, contact Kunjani Solutions at +27 11 450 3379, or email info@kunjanisolutions.com

About Virtual Instruments

Virtual Instruments is the leader in Infrastructure Performance Management, delivering solutions that help customers ensure their applications and infrastructure perform better together. The VirtualWisdom platform provides comprehensive visibility into the performance, health and utilization of the IT infrastructure empowering customers to guarantee the performance of their mission-critical applications across physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. With Virtual Instruments’ solutions customers can stop reactive troubleshooting, start managing performance and achieve cost optimization. The company was founded in June 2008 with headquarters in San Jose, Calif. and sales and engineering offices throughout the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Asia,and Asia Pacific. Virtual Instruments can be found online at http://www.virtualinstruments.com.

About Kunjani Solutions

Kunjani Solutions (Pty) Ltd is an IT Solutions and services company based in Edenvale, South Africa. We excel in Storage Resource Management, IT and Cloud Services, Fault Management, Network Management, Performance Management, Service Assurance Management, Firewall Security and Converged Infrastructure.

Our relationships with our partners and customers are well established. Kunjani is regularly requested to assist in a multitude of different ways, whether it is responding to tenders, working together with customers to upgrade and grow their environments or being sub-contracted as subject matter experts in customer engagements.

We deliver insight & management into EVERY layer of converged, Virtual and Physical Infrastructure. We are dedicated to making business sense of IT challenges, Helping customers to extract the ROI for their IT strategy and business needs.

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