Entuity Network Management

All Network Management Software is Not the Same

Experienced IT managers know that all network management solutions are not the same. Some network management vendors claim their products provide functionality equal to higher-end solutions, while others say they offer just enough of the necessary functionality to manage an enterprise network at a fraction of the price. But enterprise class network management solutions are purposely made for—you guessed it—enterprise networks, from their architectures and advanced functionality to the philosophies behind them. Entuity is an enterprise class network management solution, built from the ground up to meet the needs of medium to large enterprise networks. As such, its depth and breadth of intelligence set it apart from lower-end tools, but it’s also different from other enterprise class solutions that are built on old-style “legacy” multi-product models.



How is Entuity Different from Other Network Management Solutions?

First, Entuity is a unified solution with all the core functionality needed to manage the network within a single software stream. Each part, including an embedded database and web server, is made to work with all the others out of the box without the need to integrate multiple products or modules. Second, all functions share a common set of data, which means various  kinds of data—fault, flow, elemental and application performance—are presented side-by-side for a holistic view of the network. Third, Entuity’s extensive automation of day-to-day tasks not only increases efficiency, but leads to highly accurate data. And isn’t that the purpose of any network management system, to provide actionable intelligence that has strategic and economic value to the business? We think it is. In fact, we’ve built Entuity around that philosophy. Technology is great, but must serve the business, and Entuity does, from an architecture that scales in two clicks, to an embedded Event Management System that combines powerful, web-based filtering and rule setting, to a uniform web UI that puts deep network information at your fingertips, to industry-leading reports that tell you in business terms exactly how the network is supporting end-user services and the organization’s goals.

Entuity 2-Minute Overview