AppDynamics Application Monitoring

Real-time performance monitoring—from code-level to customer experience


Application Performance Management

Discover faster, more efficient monitoring with an enterprise Application Performance Management (APM) solution that learns your apps.

Get real-time, end-to-end management made for the most complex and distributed applications. AppDynamics APM helps you focus on what matters with features application mapping, dynamic baselining, and code-level diagnostics.


Get complete visibility into your apps, the customer journey, and business-critical transactions—instantly.

Know your applications better than ever. AppDynamics patented approach to APM automatically visualizes complex web and mobile applications, producing flow maps that reveal interdependencies, and traces key business transactions based on production application behavior.

Enhanced visibility with broad coverage of languages and technologies

  • Covers all popular programming languages and frameworks including Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python and C/C++
  • Covers most complex enterprise platforms and solutions such as JMS, queuing technologies, TIBCO, WebMethods, etc.
  • Leverage platform extensibility for wider application monitoring coverage -130+ supported extensions


What is AppDynamics